About ShareAway

ShareAway was formed in 2015 with the mission to give users control over their own data and to enable users to monetize their own data.

A ShareAway app is available for iOS and Android phones. The app allows you to send messages and post your status. You set the time when the message is permanently deleted. You can also recall a message and delete it.

Download ShareAway for Apple

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ShareAway is committed to the following principles:

Wealth and Income

1. ShareAway will give all profits to the users of ShareAway.

2. 100% of the voting control of ShareAway will be given to the users of ShareAway.

3. ShareAway’s strong corporate governance and transparency will give users power over their social community.

Data and Privacy

1. Each person should have control over the asset that is their personal data.

2. Each person should be able to chose how their data is stored and used.

3. Each person should have simple access to their data.

4. Each person should be able to chose if and how to monetize their data.

To become a member of the ShareAway community and to become an owner of the ShareAway company, all you have to do is download the ShareAway app, create a ShareAway account and become an active user of ShareAway.

ShareAway has authorized a total of one billion shares for issuance to the users, and intends to issue 50,000,000 shares at a time. ShareAway’s goal is to issue the shares to the user community as quickly as possible and anticipates that users who join ShareAway early will receive significantly more shares than those who do not have an early role in building the community.